Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas with Caroline

Sweet Caroline,

Christmas with you has been a multiweek adventure. It started in early December when we put up the tree. I sat on the couch and handed you ornaments, which you took over to Daddy and helped put on the tree. You were so proud of yourself! We took you to see Santa, whom you decided was absolutely not your friend. Your picture is of Santa smiling as you are sliding down his lap, mouth wide open in anger and terror. Maybe next year you'll buy into the whole idea of a fat, jolly guy who brings you presents.
A couple weeks ago, we took you down to Evergreen to see my side of the family. We were so proud watching you run around and play with your older cousins. We were worried that you'd spend the whole time locked in a back room watching Elmo and refusing to be friendly, but you were your happy, excited self even in the midst of a large group of people you barely knew.
It was so much fun watching you tear the paper off of your gifts, and of course, spending more time playing in the box than with the actual present. You've brought so much joy to the whole family, especially those who didn't have a little girl of their own to spoil with pink sparkly things.
My only fear now is what's going to happen come January when the tree has to come down and there are no more pretty boxes to tear open. Don't worry, though - your birthday will be here soon enough!


Growing up

Sweet Caroline,

You're growing up way too fast, and there's apparently nothing I can do to stop it. Tonight, as we were enjoying bath time, you pushed my hand away and said "I do!" You dumped the cup of water over your head, giggled and held out your hand for soap, saying "scrub scrub!" Then you lathered up your whole body, hair included, and washed it all off with your ducky wash cloth. I was amazed - it's usually a fight to put water over your head. Apparently when you're in control it's different.
I stopped for a second to marvel at your budding independence. A year ago at this time, you were sitting up and barely crawling around. Today you're walking, running, and saying "I do!" whenever you have the chance. While I'm so sad to say goodbye to the little baby girl who needs me for everything, I'm so proud of all that you've learned and marvel at all you want to learn to do all by yourself.
My teary eyed moment of nostalgia didn't last long. It was interrupted by you dumping a cup of water over my head. Thank you for keeping me in the moment!

Love you always,