Thursday, August 16, 2012

Poo Bear

Sweet Caroline,
It's really your fault that I go months between postings. You keep us busy!
You started preschool two months ago. At first, it was awful and I spent 10 minutes standing in the art closet, asking myself if we were doing the right thing. Now, you push me out the door, wave bye, and happily go about your day. I'm so proud seeing how much you've grown and learn in your short time there.
You are blossoming into an amazing little girl. There's almost no trace of baby left to you! Every day for you is filled with so much excitement. Yesterday, we were stopped at a light next to a school bus, and it made you giddy pointing to it, yelling over and over "School bus! I see a school bus!"
You've become so loving lately. I love our times at night together when you curl up into my lap, snuggle into my chest, and let me fully embrace the intense, unwavering love I feel for you. It makes the moments when you're a pain in the butt two year old easier to deal with.
When I come to pick you up from class, you wrap around my legs with the most intense hug, and it makes every crappy thing that happened in my day temporarily disappear.
We've struggled a lot these past few years with bad jobs, no jobs, no money, you name it. There's been dark times where it's been hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But then, you say "I love you, Momma" as I lay you in your bed, and all I can see is good.


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