Sunday, October 30, 2011

Elmo - you all bow before him

Sweet Caroline,

That last entry was kind of on the darker side of life. I didn't want to leave my thoughts on sadness, so let me follow up with something more cheerful.

I have come to absolutely freaking love Elmo.

This is a surprise to Mommy, who had laughed at or avoided the whole Sesame Street crew through most of my teenage and young adult years. I had some absolute no fly zones going into parenting. You would not watch Barney,and you would not watch Dora the Explorer. Sue me, but I really can't deal with those two shows. Every thing else I accepted as an inevitable happening in the life of a parent. We all gotta do our time suffering through some Blues Clues. The clue's right behind you, Steve. Turn the hell around and look. Sheesh.

Somehow, without warning, you became a Sesame kid. More specifically, you became an Elmo kid. The very mention of his name brings a smile to your face. There's been bouts of profound crankiness when Daddy and I have resorted to fast forwarding through all the other crap to get straight to Elmo's World. Thank you, God, for DVR.

I live for your Elmo's World dance. You wiggle your whole body side to side, throw up your hands, and scream "ELMO!" You could've seen this episode 30 times... in a row... this morning. But you still watch it with the same wonder and passion as though it's brand new. Now you tap your fingers on the table, trying to play your imaginary piano with him. You greet the fish. You said "yes" and "no" emphatically when Elmo asks you questions.
Elmo: "Can a birthday cake ride a bike?"
Caroline: "Nooooooo!" (very serious head shaking)

Now I get why there were riots in Walmart over those Tickle Me Elmo dolls. I'm grateful that you're not interested in the merchandise. You don't want $55 Elmo dolls (you sweet, wonderful girl). You're happy as long as the DVR is 40% Sesame Street and you have a healthy amount of Elmo-based books and PJ's.

To see that dance, that smile, that uncontrollable joy... Mommy and Daddy are more than willing to eat Ramen Noodles to get you that next set of Elmo DVDS. Because we love you. We also love how Elmo is the only thing that we can almost guarantee will shut off your stupid, pointless, there's-nothing-wrong-with-me-I'm-just-a-toddler-and-act-like-a-buttface-sometimes tantrums. 

Thank you, Elmo, thank you.
You too, Cookie Monster. CJ thinks you're cool.


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