Sunday, April 1, 2012

We survived your second year!

Sweet Caroline,

I'm sorry I've fallen so behind in writing these letters for you... it's almost like I've busy running after a toddler!

You turned two this Monday. The night before as we got ready for bedtime, you snuggled up in my lap to read a book. I found myself tearing up as I thought about how your days of being a baby are leaving us, and you're moving so fast to being a big girl. I hope you'll hold onto those sweet moments of quiet cuddling for as long as you can. I'm so proud of all you've learned and accomplished, but I will miss my sweet little baby.
For your first birthday, we spent way too much money on a birthday cake that didn't fully get eaten, and presents you probably didn't need. The pictures of you with icing all the way up to your ears was worth every penny! That night, we took you out for dinner at Bonefish Grill, fancy dress and all. You were so well behaved that night!
That was a year ago. This year, we played it smart. I baked a cake and decorated it with Elmo figurines (your request, of course). We took you to the park to feed the ducks (the quack quacks) and play on the playground. You had a wonderful time and looked like such a big girl, a TWO year old, running around all by yourself. You have this amazing personality where you're hesitant at first in new situations, but you take off independently once you feel confident. Some people tell us you're like that because you don't go to preschool; that you need to be "socialized". Those days will come soon enough, and we will never regret doing everything we could to let you be home with us for as long as possible.
You celebrated your second birthday by throwing an epic tantrum that morning... over nothing. Ah, the nothing tantrums. Laid out on the floor, flopping your legs like you don't know how to work them. Your temper, fortunately, is a flash in the pan. Bright and burning for a moment, but over quickly and completely. You can't stand that we're actually saying "no" to you these days, but believe me, we're doing what's best for you! Ice cream three meals a day may sound fantastic, but in the long run, we're doing you a favor by occasionally saying no.

You've grown and changed dramatically this past year. You're walking,talking, and have the most inquisitive spirit. You absorb new information like a sponge and stun us by rattling off colors, numbers, and letters. You're always imitating us, from using Daddy's same authoritative voice to tell the dogs to "sit down!" to clomping around in my flip flops. You always make us laugh, even when you're being ridiculous.

I'm so excited to see what's in store for you this year. You're going to learn so much! You're our big girl now, and we're so lucky to be your parents, each and every day.

We love you very much. Happy birthday, sweet girl.


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